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If you’ve been hiding your smile and putting off orthodontic treatment because you’re concerned about lengthy expensive treatment, Dr. VanderMolen, general dentist, has the solution. As the first and only certified Fastbraces® provider in Springfield Il, Dr. VanderMolen is able to treat both adults and children for their orthodontic braces. As Seen On Fox IL

Fastbraces® moves teeth crowns and roots at the same time allowing for results in as little as three months to about a year. Fastbraces® patients find that their braces are both affordable and affective. With Click HERE to Watch Fastbraces® you can have straight teeth and receive warranty coverage in most all states through out the country should you decide to travel or relocate.

Watch the video to learn how Fastbraces® can help your smile:

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Here's are some Before and After photos of one of Dr. VanderMolen's Fastbraces® patients:

Before Fastbraces®

Fastbraces Before - Springfield IL Orthodontics

Fastbraces Before - close-up - Orthodontics Springfield IL

Fastbraces - On


After Fastbraces®

Fastbraces After - Springfield IL Orthodontics

Fastbraces After - Close-Up

STILL a Beautiful Smile 11 years after Fastbraces®

11 years after Fastbraces

Here's another video that shows one patients transformation in just 11 months!


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