Dental Implants - What's Involved

A “root form” dental implant is a threaded titanium alloy cylinder, similar to the ones used for hip replacement surgery. It is surgically placed to the jawbone in the space where a tooth is missing. Once the implant is completely healed, a crown is placed and a natural-looking tooth has been restored. Most patients report little if any discomfort, and you will care for your implant just as you would care for your own teeth.

If you are missing several teeth, an implant support bridge may be for you. You will sacrifice none of your own teeth—the implants will support the bridge for you.

If you are missing a full arch of teeth or already wear a traditional denture, an implant-support denture could be for you. Never again will you worry about loose, ill-fitting dentures or messy denture adhesives. Patients report that chewing feels perfectly natural and that they can actually taste food again.