How would I benefit from a dental implant?

The goal of modern dentistry is to restore the patient to normal tooth, bone and soft tissue contour, along with normal function, comfort, esthetics, speech and health—regardless of oral disease, injury or atrophy. However, the more teeth a patient is missing, the more arduous this goal becomes with traditional dentistry. As a result of continued research in treatment planning, implant designs, materials and techniques, predictable success is now a reality for the rehabilitation of many challenging patient situations.

You may be surprised to learn that 29% of denture wearers eat only soft or mashed foods and 50% avoid many foods all together. The natural look, feel and function of implanted teeth have given thousands of former denture wearers and serious tooth-loss sufferers a new lease on life.

A dental implant looks, feels and functions like a natural tooth—no one would ever guess that it’s not your own.

Dental implants preserve your youthful facial appearance by preventing bone loss and, in turn, the sunken-cheek look so common among denture wearers.

Dental implants eliminate the discomfort of traditional dentures or partials because they are a part of your body; there is never a need for ugly metal clasps or denture adhesives. They also eliminate chewing sore spots and ulcers often found under traditional removable dentures, thereby allowing you to eat the foods you want to.

Dental implants prevent tooth and bone loss. Never again will you be concerned with cutting down adjacent teeth—which shorten the lifespan prognosis of the needlessly prepped teeth—in order to support a bridge.

Whether you want to restore your beautiful smile or eat foods you haven’t been able to, dental implants can change your life.