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Custom Dentures: What You Should Know

July 14, 2014

What are Custom Dentures?

Custom dentures are specifically made according to your needs. When a denture is made for you, you are able to get a denture with a perfect fit, increased functionality, and a natural smile. Color, shape, or size of the teeth can be adjusted in order to achieve the most natural look.

Benefits of custom dentures-

  1. Comfort and functional efficiency – Custom dentures are much more comfortable and efficient than standard dentures, in part due to the special materials used in fabrication. The material is pliable and can be adjusted within the mouth until the patient is satisfied with the performance of the denture. The dentures have a soft lining material for more comfort in biting and chewing. Custom dentures on a lower arch have great retentive capacity due to the strong grip on the arch.

The shape of the teeth is specifically customized for the patient’s bite, increasing functional efficiency.

  1. Custom Dentures Feel and Look Natural- Custom dentures can turn your dream of wearing a dazzling smile, into reality. The custom dentures are unique in their personalization feature. Dr. VanderMolen can continue to alter the look until the patient is contented.

The material used in the fabrication of custom dentures makes the teeth look naturally white. Used on the porcelain prosthetic teeth, it mimics the enamel of natural teeth by reflecting light just as natural teeth do.
If you have lost your natural teeth, and are in search for a comfortable yet beautiful substitute, custom dentures could be the perfect choice for you. Call (217) 717-4551 for an appointment with Advanced Dental Care of Springfield. Dr. Matt VanderMolen will help you get your desired results!

Laugh Out Loud in 2014

January 28, 2014

By Dr. Matt VanderMolen

Advanced Dental Care of Springfield

Here is a story that is educational and motivational.  I sincerely hope it will help you, a friend, or a loved one to laugh out loud in 2014.

Jane liked to bowl and always scored well.  She joined a league, and she was on a winning team.   Her teammates were happy to have such a high scorer on their team.  But they found Jane to be too serious, and even unfriendly, while they played.  She rarely smiled or laughed.  They also found her to be antisocial because she always said “no” to their invitations to go out for a bite to eat after they bowled.  After several rejections to their invitations, her teammates quit asking.

Was Jane really a negative and antisocial person?   Years ago, in another community, Jane was the captain of her bowling team.  She was always smiling and quick to shout out words of encouragement to her teammates – even to the opposing team bowlers!  She usually organized all the parties and celebrations.

So what happened?  Jane lost her teeth to gum disease.  She got dentures that looked like dentures – not how her real teeth used to be.  The lower denture was very loose and hard to manage.  She had to limit herself to eating softer foods.  Jane was embarrassed that she had lost her teeth, and she was embarrassed about her smile.  She also was highly fearful of what embarrassing thing might happen while she ate in front of other people.  She suspected her current bowling teammates thought she wasn’t very pleasant and antisocial.  This hurt her because they were nice people.

Jane’s daughter encouraged her to see the dentist.  She told Jane a lot of things had changed in dentistry in the past twelve years since she had her teeth out.  Jane decided to come into the office and found there had indeed been some changes!  She was greeted with warm and friendly smiles.  She was embarrassed it had been so long since she had been to the dentist, but the dental staff seemed genuinely happy to see her and interested in how they could help her.  She learned how her teeth could be replaced so her smile would look natural again.  She learned that when you lose teeth you also lose bone in your jaw as well. She also learned how the bone loss made the lower part of her face shrink and how that made the corners of her mouth pull down into a frown.

Thankfully, she was offered the latest dental implant technology to bring back her smile.  Her frown lines were gone, and her face looked ten years younger. On top of all these benefits, she found out about dental implants. Dental implants could be placed in her jaws in a way that would allow her dentures to actually snap into place and stay put.  No more worries about loose dentures.  Jane could now eat what she wanted instead of only eating what loose-fitting dentures would allow.

Jane is back to being the happy extrovert she used to be, and everyone on her bowling team is impressed with the transformation.  Jane is laughing out loud and excited to see what 2014 will bring. Go Jane!

As a dentist, I am frustrated by how little the general population knows about what modern dentistry has to offer.  There are far too many “Janes” out there who are needlessly, quietly suffering.  Your smile defines you.  You adapt to your smile.  If your smile is broken, you adapt to it and become broken as a person.  The good news is broken smiles can be fixed.

Dentistry has amazing technologies and treatments to offer, and I want everyone to know most everyone can have a great smile.  Let me repeat that.  Most everyone can have a great smile.

If you haven’t been to the dentist in a while, come see what you are missing.  At Advanced Dental Care of Springfield, we would be happy to have our fantastic staff show you our amazing technologies and the awesome results we achieve for our patients.  There has never been a better time to see a dentist.  Call 217-546-3333 or visit us at

Custom Dentures: What Makes Ours Different?

May 6, 2013

What makes Dr. VanderMolen’s Custom Dentures different?

Dentures are artificial and removable replacements of lost teeth. Generally, they are made from a special combination of light metals and plastics. In most cases, plastic dentures are designed to rest on the gums while metal dentures are meant to be supported by the other natural teeth anchored in the gum.

Dentures are a common solution to dental problems and they are often cheaper than other options available; this is especially true where most or all teeth need replacing. Dentures also require daily maintenance; they need to be removed often and cleaned thoroughly to help in the prevention of diseases and other infections.

There are many types of dentures available that look and feel artificial.  You might be FatherDaughter_smiles_300w.jpgwondering what separates Dr. VanderMolen’s custom dentures from the rest. The answer lies in their extremely natural appearance and experience.  This is because they are custom made and handcrafted according to each client’s personalities, gender, age and their physical appearances.

Dr. VanderMolen will do everything possible to ensure that his client’s smile remains as natural as possible.

The highly trained denture technicians at Advanced Dental Care of Springfield receive specific and detailed instructions to handcraft all dentures with tissue color matching the client’s natural gums and facial complexion. To make the dentures appear youthful and more natural, a very modern and special technology is used.

The dentures are composed of acrylic teeth consisting of three layers which serve to make the dentures appear as natural as the real teeth. To avoid that common, unnatural look, Dr. VanderMolen’s dentures are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and natural shades to cater for each and every client. The materials involved are made using the latest technology.  The final product is not only light weight but extremely durable as well.

These dentures are also injection-molded, heat and pressure cured to reduce the sizes of the pores in the denture material. This creates a final product with a great polish which is also resistant to staining. The injection molding process also makes it difficult for plaque and bacteria to grow, eliminating foul smells and reducing the likelihood of a bacterial infection.   On top of all of that, Dr. VanderMolen’s dentures come with a twelve month guarantee!

To learn more about these natural custom dentures, call the friendly staff at Advanced Dental Care of Springfield at (217) 546-3333 to set up an appointment with Dr. VanderMolen. We’ll have you on your way to a smile you’ll love!

A Better Smile with Cosmetic Dentures

December 4, 2012

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13128463XSmall.jpgCan dentures be cosmetic?

Missing teeth can cause one to be subconscious about their appearance.  Fortunately there are solutions to get the beautiful smile you have been dreaming of.  Dentures are a great solution for those missing teeth.  Dentures are available for full-mouth, upper or lower jaws, and partials for when only a few teeth are missing. 

Cosmetic Custom Dentures are made to fit you individually and give you a natural look made just for you.  Color, shape and fit are chosen and adjusted to create the smile you want.  An impression of your mouth is made and then the dentures are fabricated to your exact specifications.  Adjustments are made after to make sure of a comfortable and natural fit.

Taking care of your mouth and dentures is very important to keeping your gums healthy and your new teeth looking beautiful.  It is important to continue to brush your gums and tongue every morning and night.  Cleaning your dentures is easy.  Brush with a denture brush to remove food particles and then clean with a denture solution recommended by the ADA.

Getting used to your new dentures can take some time and patience, but soon you will find that they become a part of you.  You will love your new smile!

Dr. VanderMolen has the expertise in custom dentures that you need.  He and the staff at Advanced Dental Care will be happy to discuss your treatment options.  For more information on this and out other services, contact us at (217) 546-3333Click here for more information on the services we provide in the Springfield, IL area.

Cosmetic Dentistry for Seniors

November 20, 2012

Cosmetic Dentistry is for Seniors, too

FatherDaughter_smiles_300w.jpgIt’s no secret that a glowing smile at any age is universally pleasing and with regular trips to your family dentistry office you can keep your teeth at optimum health. But, there are many more options out there for seniors to maintain and even improve their smile to a radiance of yesteryear.

Cosmetic dentistry is most commonly performed on those in their 20s-50s, but this age range is not indicative of who can have this type of dental work done. As long as you’re a healthy senior just about any cosmetic dental procedure is within your reach.


There are four popular options available to seniors:

1.         Dental Veneers – These are an innovation used to bring back the color and shape of teeth. They can also help to fill unsightly gaps and cracks in teeth. The porcelain that is used in this cosmetic dentistry procedure is wafer thin, quick and easy to install and last considerably longer than any traditional teeth whitening procedure. In fact, well looked after veneers could last for 15 years.

2.         Dental Implants – These are more permanent replacement teeth that look and function very naturally. They aren’t for everyone but as long as the senior is in reasonable health then this may be an option. There is oral surgery involved when the titanium implant is attached to the jawbone. Dental Implants have many benefits such as better chewing and eating and a natural-looking smile.

3.         Teeth Whitening – This is a great choice for improving appearance of stained or discolored teeth. Whitening chemicals are used by the dentist to restore teeth to the more preferred white that make us appear younger.

4.         Custom Dentures – If you are looking for a solution to chewing, crunching and general eating issues then asking your dentist to measure your mouth and get dentures manufactured for you is relatively easy to do. Dentures aren’t what they used to be, constantly falling out or looking so unnatural. Dentistry has come a long way since those days. Custom dentures are made to match the individual in fit, color, size and style.

If you would like to explore the full range of options open to you in Cosmetic Dentistry, whatever your age, then do not hesitate to contact the dental offices of Dr. VanderMolen at (217) 546-3333.  We would love to work with you to get the beautiful smile you deserve. Click here for more information on the services available from Advanced Dental Care.

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