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Dental Veneers: An Overview

July 7, 2014

Dental Veneers, also referred toporcelain veneers or dental porcelain laminates, are thin shells of restorative material that are placed over the outer surface of the teeth. They serve two purposes – beauty enhancement and protection of mildly damaged teeth. They are a simple solution for cosmetic problems. If the teeth are, slightly damaged, dental veneers can be applied to protect them from further damage. This way, extensive and expensive cosmetic or restorative treatment procedures can be evaded.

Dental veneers can fix a variety of problems such as:

  • Discoloration or staining of teeth.
  • Gaps between teeth.
  • Misaligned, asymmetrical shaped, uneven, or crooked teeth.
  • Fractured or chippedteeth.
  • Wearing away of the layer of enamel.

Dental Veneers require a rather simple procedure that can be done in as little as 1 – 2 visits.

Our team at Advanced Dental Care of Springfield has the experience to deliver you the high quality care you deserve. To find out more about porcelain dental veneers, give us a call at (217) 717-4551 and book a consultation Dr. Matt VanderMolen.

Cosmetic Dentistry: Recovery and After-Care

June 9, 2014

Recovery Process for Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Prior to beginning your cosmetic dentistry procedure, you may have some concerns regarding what the recovery process will be like for you. Deciding to have cosmetic procedures such as dental implants or dental veneers is an important decision to make, so it's imperative to have all the helpful information you need.

There is always some recovery process involved when it comes to making major adjustments to the mouth. Some cosmetic procedures will have little to no recovery time at all; porcelain dental veneers fall into this category. The only real concerns that you may face after having your veneers placed is those teeth may be a bit sensitive and you may have some gum tenderness.

More complex restorative dentistry procedures, like dental implants, require a bit of recovery time and aftercare to ensure your oral health stays optimum. You may have some soreness and swelling in the surrounding gums, as well as some additional tenderness at the implant site. Your dentist may prescribe medication for the pain, but more often than not, over-the-counter pain relievers are advised. Complete healing for dental implants can take up to six months.

No matter what cosmetic dentistry procedure, the most central part of the recovery process will always be good oral hygiene. Without proper brushing, flossing, and rinsing of teeth in the post-op period you'll be putting yourself at risk for procedure failure. Taking care of your oral health is taking care of your whole body. Remember to follow all after-care instructions given to your by your dentist, and call the office if you have any questions or concerns.

Advanced Dental Care of Springfield supports patients in their pursuit of a beautiful smile through cosmetic dentistry.Dr. VanderMolen is knowledgeable in a multitude of cosmetic procedures and is available for consultations. Call (217) 717-4551 and let Advanced Dental Care of Springfield help you develop the new smile you are looking for

Implant Dentistry: Preserving Natural Dentition

January 27, 2014

Preserving natural dentition

Dental implants have become one of the most comfortable and effective means of tooth replacement. The use of dental implants has become widespread because of the excellent aesthetic and functional properties they offer. Among the numerous benefits of dental implants, the most important is the preservation of natural dentition, or the natural array of the teeth.

Dental Implants Restore Your SmileWhen a tooth is lost, the surrounding bone loses support from the tooth and can undergo resorption, or bone loss. When a dental implant is placed into the same socket as the missing tooth, it provides support for the jawbone, helping to prevent unnecessary bone loss.

Tooth loss also creates an imbalance in the dental occlusion. The teeth that are near the missing tooth become functionally compromised. The rest of the teeth can drift, causing unnatural gaps between them. Food particles and debris can get trapped in these gaps and become difficult to remove. Trapped food particles can lead to tooth decay, gum disease or more serious dental problems if they are not treated correctly. Proper oral hygiene can become difficult when teeth lose their natural alignment, thus increasing the chances of periodontal disease. Dental implants can prevent these problems by providing a natural, functional replacement for the missing tooth.

In some other options for teeth restoration, such as bridges, the integrity of neighboring teeth can be adversely affected. This is mainly due to the fact that they derive their support from the adjacent teeth. The periodontal ligament and the bone of the adjacent teeth used as support have to bear extra stress which, over time, weakens them. This can eventually lead to loss of support teeth. Dental implants are inserted directly into the bone so they do not require support from the neighboring teeth. They function independently and look similar to your other teeth, leaving you with a natural, healthy smile.

Are you interested in learning more about dental implants? Dr. Matt VanderMolen and our staff would be happy to answer your questions. Call and make an appointment at Advanced Dental Care of Springfield today, 217-717-4551.

5 Tips for Increasing Your Dental Health

September 16, 2013

Everyone wants to have a beautiful smile, but even more important is having healthy, problem-free teeth and gums.  By following a few basic tips, you can maintain optimal dental health.

Keeping teeth clean is the most important step to maintaining dental health.  Make sure to clean gums and entire oral cavity.  Regular brushing and flossing are critical to keeping both teeth and gums clean and healthy.  Brushing and flossing remove particles that can become trapped in between teeth.  This can lead to plaque build up and gum disease.  The standard recommendation is to brush and floss at least twice a day.  Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to avoid damaging teeth and gums, or follow your Dentist’s suggestions.  Using too hard of a toothbrush can remove enamel from your teeth, leaving them unprotected and vulnerable to decay.  Flossing will help eliminate small particles from in between the teeth and keep your gums strong.

Regular visit to your Dentist for cleaning and x-rays is recommended every six months. Regular dental exams can help prevent existing problems from becoming worse, and help identify any potential future problems.  Preventative maintenance will not only help maintain a healthy smile, but it can also save you thousands of dollars down the road.  Developing a regular routine will make visiting your dentist a positive experience.

Maintaining a healthy diet is also important to your oral health.  Be sure to eat healthy foods and avoid too many sweets.  Reducing the amount of sugary snacks will help prevent cavities and decay.

Fluoride is beneficial to the enamel on your teeth.  If you do not have fluoride added to the water where you live, try an enhanced toothpaste to increase the strength of your teeth.

Cigarette smoking and other tobacco use can cause yellowing of the teeth, and diseases of gums. Avoiding smoking and chewing tobacco will not only benefit your lungs and health, but it will help to maintain your beautiful white smile

If it is time for a dental checkup for you and your family, make an appointment by calling Dr. VanderMolen and Advanced Dental Care today at (217) 546-3333.  Click here for more information on the general dentistry services available at Advanced Dental Care.

Good Oral Health – Important to a Healthy Body

August 5, 2013

The Human body is a combination of healthy and functional organs and systems. The Oral cavity plays the role of an entry gate for the body. Everything we eat or drink goes right through the mouth and affects all other organs and systems. Maintenance of the oral environment is essential for overall health of an individual.

Good, meticulous oral hygiene is necessary for maintaining your overall health. Neglected oral hygiene can lead to many systemic diseases. Poor oral health has been linked to heart, lung and stomach diseases, diabetes, stroke and premature birth. You should consult your dentist for ways to improve your oral health and in-turn your overall health and well-being.

Preventive dentistry focuses on solving minor oral health problems before they become issues. This approach saves a lot of time and money but requires compliance on behalf of the patient. Your early visit to Dr. VanderMolen can prevent you from undergoing major treatment procedures in the future. For maintaining a good oral hygiene, we advise you to do the following regularly.

  • Brush your teeth regularly 2-3 times a day
  • Use a fluoride tooth paste
  • Floss daily, or even better, after every meal
  • Avoid intake of too much synthetic sugars
  • Consume foods high in calcium and vitamins
  • Eat a balanced healthy diet including Milk
  • Avoid smoking  and tobacco chewing
  • Make regular appointments for routine oral check-ups

By exercising these suggestions, you can easily maintain good oral hygiene and prevent you and your family from a large number of oral as well as systemic diseases. Routine dental checkups can unveil many minor problems which can be treated easily in early stages and major diseases can be prevented. When you visit Dr. VanderMolen for a routine dental checkup, he will thoroughly examine and clean your mouth. Small dental problems will be taken care of for your overall well-being. Future preventive strategy can also discussed regarding your oral health.

If it is time for a dental checkup for you and your family, make an appointment by calling Dr. VanderMolen and Advanced Dental Care today at (217) 546-3333.  Click here for more information on the general dentistry services available at Advanced Dental Care.

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