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Cosmetic Dentistry Facts: What You Need to Know About Cosmetic Bonding

January 5, 2016

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Bonding is one of the most common and cost-effective dental procedures in the field of cosmetic dentistry in Springfield, IL and elsewhere today. It is used to change the appearance of the teeth, improve their functionality, repair minor fractures, and close small diastemas (spacing between teeth). In addition, it is often adapted as a method of replacing amalgam fillings or protecting the exposed part of the root when the gums recede.

Laugh Out Loud in 2014

January 28, 2014

By Dr. Matt VanderMolen

Advanced Dental Care of Springfield

Here is a story that is educational and motivational.  I sincerely hope it will help you, a friend, or a loved one to laugh out loud in 2014.

Jane liked to bowl and always scored well.  She joined a league, and she was on a winning team.   Her teammates were happy to have such a high scorer on their team.  But they found Jane to be too serious, and even unfriendly, while they played.  She rarely smiled or laughed.  They also found her to be antisocial because she always said “no” to their invitations to go out for a bite to eat after they bowled.  After several rejections to their invitations, her teammates quit asking.

Was Jane really a negative and antisocial person?   Years ago, in another community, Jane was the captain of her bowling team.  She was always smiling and quick to shout out words of encouragement to her teammates – even to the opposing team bowlers!  She usually organized all the parties and celebrations.

So what happened?  Jane lost her teeth to gum disease.  She got dentures that looked like dentures – not how her real teeth used to be.  The lower denture was very loose and hard to manage.  She had to limit herself to eating softer foods.  Jane was embarrassed that she had lost her teeth, and she was embarrassed about her smile.  She also was highly fearful of what embarrassing thing might happen while she ate in front of other people.  She suspected her current bowling teammates thought she wasn’t very pleasant and antisocial.  This hurt her because they were nice people.

Jane’s daughter encouraged her to see the dentist.  She told Jane a lot of things had changed in dentistry in the past twelve years since she had her teeth out.  Jane decided to come into the office and found there had indeed been some changes!  She was greeted with warm and friendly smiles.  She was embarrassed it had been so long since she had been to the dentist, but the dental staff seemed genuinely happy to see her and interested in how they could help her.  She learned how her teeth could be replaced so her smile would look natural again.  She learned that when you lose teeth you also lose bone in your jaw as well. She also learned how the bone loss made the lower part of her face shrink and how that made the corners of her mouth pull down into a frown.

Thankfully, she was offered the latest dental implant technology to bring back her smile.  Her frown lines were gone, and her face looked ten years younger. On top of all these benefits, she found out about dental implants. Dental implants could be placed in her jaws in a way that would allow her dentures to actually snap into place and stay put.  No more worries about loose dentures.  Jane could now eat what she wanted instead of only eating what loose-fitting dentures would allow.

Jane is back to being the happy extrovert she used to be, and everyone on her bowling team is impressed with the transformation.  Jane is laughing out loud and excited to see what 2014 will bring. Go Jane!

As a dentist, I am frustrated by how little the general population knows about what modern dentistry has to offer.  There are far too many “Janes” out there who are needlessly, quietly suffering.  Your smile defines you.  You adapt to your smile.  If your smile is broken, you adapt to it and become broken as a person.  The good news is broken smiles can be fixed.

Dentistry has amazing technologies and treatments to offer, and I want everyone to know most everyone can have a great smile.  Let me repeat that.  Most everyone can have a great smile.

If you haven’t been to the dentist in a while, come see what you are missing.  At Advanced Dental Care of Springfield, we would be happy to have our fantastic staff show you our amazing technologies and the awesome results we achieve for our patients.  There has never been a better time to see a dentist.  Call 217-546-3333 or visit us at

Implant Dentistry: Preserving Natural Dentition

January 27, 2014

Preserving natural dentition

Dental implants have become one of the most comfortable and effective means of tooth replacement. The use of dental implants has become widespread because of the excellent aesthetic and functional properties they offer. Among the numerous benefits of dental implants, the most important is the preservation of natural dentition, or the natural array of the teeth.

Dental Implants Restore Your SmileWhen a tooth is lost, the surrounding bone loses support from the tooth and can undergo resorption, or bone loss. When a dental implant is placed into the same socket as the missing tooth, it provides support for the jawbone, helping to prevent unnecessary bone loss.

Tooth loss also creates an imbalance in the dental occlusion. The teeth that are near the missing tooth become functionally compromised. The rest of the teeth can drift, causing unnatural gaps between them. Food particles and debris can get trapped in these gaps and become difficult to remove. Trapped food particles can lead to tooth decay, gum disease or more serious dental problems if they are not treated correctly. Proper oral hygiene can become difficult when teeth lose their natural alignment, thus increasing the chances of periodontal disease. Dental implants can prevent these problems by providing a natural, functional replacement for the missing tooth.

In some other options for teeth restoration, such as bridges, the integrity of neighboring teeth can be adversely affected. This is mainly due to the fact that they derive their support from the adjacent teeth. The periodontal ligament and the bone of the adjacent teeth used as support have to bear extra stress which, over time, weakens them. This can eventually lead to loss of support teeth. Dental implants are inserted directly into the bone so they do not require support from the neighboring teeth. They function independently and look similar to your other teeth, leaving you with a natural, healthy smile.

Are you interested in learning more about dental implants? Dr. Matt VanderMolen and our staff would be happy to answer your questions. Call and make an appointment at Advanced Dental Care of Springfield today, 217-717-4551.

Cosmetic Dentistry: Repairing Worn Teeth

November 11, 2013

Restoring Worn Down Teeth

Tooth wear is a very common natural phenomenon that occurs as we age. The constant grinding of teeth against each other due to biting or swallowing is responsible for attrition or the wearing down of teeth. Reduction in the length of the teeth and chipping off from the sides can occur. Due to the loss of tooth structure, the nerve endings may be exposed causing sensitivity. This process can be severe in individuals who have bruxism (involuntary grinding while sleeping). Worn-down teeth create an uneven smile line; cosmetic dentistry can restore the aesthetics of the smile.

To prevent further damage from teeth grinding, nightguards are often recommended. These are fabricated from the impressions of the patient’s teeth. They prevent the tooth-to-tooth contact while sleeping and thereby help in prevention of further wear and tear as well as the jaw pain that can result from grinding and clenching during sleep.

Dental bonding can be a cosmetic treatment option in mild cases of wear of front teeth.  Composite resins are used for this technique. These do not have enough strength to withstand heavy loads so they cannot be used for back teeth. Dental bonding can be a cost-effective way to enhance the smile and hide worn areas.

Dental crowns are an extremely durable and highly aesthetic treatment option. These are suitable for both front and back teeth. The most common type is a porcelain crowns that covers the entire tooth. Dental crowns serve as a great solution for teeth that have lost vitality (when attrition reaches the level of pulp which is the innermost part of the tooth).

Dental veneers are thin layers of tooth-colored material that are cemented to the prepared tooth surface. They are commonly made of porcelain for durability and a natural look. An advantage is that only a very small amount of tooth surface needs to be removed to make room for the veneers.

Now, there is no need to get upset about your worn-out teeth. Call (217) 546-3333 for an appointment with Dr. Matt VanderMolen. His team will work to remove the worn-out look and bring a youthful smile to your face!

Click here for more information on all the services available at Advanced Dental Care.

Dental Implants: A Popular Dental Treatment

September 9, 2013

Why Are Dental Implants So Popular?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are inserted into the jaw bone surgically. They provide an excellent means of tooth replacement. They are usually made out of titanium and titanium alloys. The success of dental implants lies on the level of osseointegration (fusion of implants to the jaw bone); thus good oral hygiene and bone density are essential.

Dental implants are one of the latest innovative developments in dentistry and are gaining popularity day by day. Some reasons for their increasing popularity are:

  • High Aesthetic Appeal

A dental implant cannot be distinguished from a natural tooth easily because it gives the impression of growing out of the gums naturally. The growing popularity of dental implants is due to their excellent aesthetic properties. To look great and feel confident is what everyone looks for while opting for any type of tooth replacement.

  • Superior In Function

Apart from looking natural, dental implants give a natural feel as well. They function independently similar to any other tooth in dentition. The biting forces on the implant are directed to the jaw bone directly without affecting the adjacent teeth. Patients have stated that they feel extremely comfortable while chewing with dental implants. This is mainly due to their enhanced efficiency compared to dentures. Dental Implants are the superior option for smile restorations.

  • Highly Durable

When compared to dentures, dental implants are highly durable and long-lasting. Dentures need replacement after about 5 years whereas implants do not need to be replaced once they are taken up by the jaw bone. They can last for a lifetime with good oral hygiene and preventative dental maintenance.

  • Renders Confidence

Many people with dentures become self-conscious while smiling. This is because sometimes dentures can be loose and snap down creating an extremely embarrassing situation. Such incidents are less than ideal, for certain. On the contrary, dental implants are secure and natural feeling and can boost the self-esteem.

Are you interested in learning more about dental implants? Attend one of our monthly Dental Implant Seminars. For details and dates, please contact us at (217) 546-3333 or Click Here.

Dr. VanderMolen has the answers you need.  Call and make an appointment at Advanced Dental Care today, (217) 546-3333.

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